Multi-purpose asset management One-Stop Platform

MyStarWallet based on blockchain technology, is a powerful digital asset management tool that provides easy, quick and convenient functions of creating, adding, exchanging, sending and receiving digital assets (cryptocurrency) with variable values focusing on safety and excellent security. In addition, it implements a multi-digital asset management function that can be used effectively in all DApps modeled based on the blockchain distributed ledger.






Ttok ! and sending ~Ttok ! and receiving


Startalk Messenger
Powerful remittance functions via ‘StarTalk’ messenger

You can instantly send money while you talk !

StarTalk Messenger provides powerful remittance functionality to send and receive digital assets.

Chatting with the other party anywhere in the world, quickly and easily sending and receiving your digital assets. Was it difficult to open a bank account for various reasons? Was the overseas remittance undesirable because of the high commission fees? Using StarTalk on Mystarwallet. You can send or receive your assets quickly with lower fees and the highest level of security, regardless of the country or region, regardless of your remittance’s size.

Showing How to use

My Star Wallet

Main function

Add digital assets

Generating new ERC-20 tokens and adding existing tokens

Add digital assets

Generating new ERC-20 tokens and adding existing tokens

Add digital assets

Generating new ERC-20 tokens and adding existing tokens

Digital asset security

Privacy and safe digital asset storage

Create community group

Group room opening, token promotion and transaction and information sharing

Payment and Reward

Fast payment and fee discount policy

Asset Management Settings

Seting up an efficient and easy digital asset management

Digital Asset Deposit Service

Interest payment service based on digital asset deposit

Recommended system

Referral system via link code (will be updated)

Issuing blockchain-based coupon (token)

Anyone, including artists, businessmen, companies, and individuals, can issue blockchain-based digital coupons with the same functions as ETH if needed. This means that you can easily issue the digital assets you want at any time, and these newly issued digital assets will be utilized in your business and will bring more profit to your your creditworthiness and sales activities.

– Creating tokens quickly

Newly issued tokens on MyStarWallet refer to tokens issued ‘directly’ on the Ethereum blockchain infrastructure according to the user’s convenience and required standards. Ethereum’s ERC20 protocol provides users with a variety of functions and utilities. Newly created tokens are built on a secure blockchain system based on MyStarWallet’s application protocol, and can be operated on DApps of various ERC-20-based public chains through smart contracts.

– Purpose of token use

Newly issued tokens are used to realize the functions desired by the user along with realization of the issuer’s capital and the original function of the blockchain system. It can help individuals or small and medium-sized projects raise the funds they need, and establish a legitimate basis to prove issuer assets with trustworthy value.

– Using tokens

When an individual, public, business, or company, such as an artist, entertainer, influencer, or producer, promotes a special project, event, or business, you can deal with the initial financing problem for its operation. Token issuance, exchange, and transaction in MyStarWallet are fast and secure. You can also exchange or use Stargram tokens for more efficient and inexpensive token transactions.

Wallet Guide


MyStarWallet – How to download the app – P.01

MyStarWallet – How to create a backup wallet – P.02

MyStarWallet – How to create a backup wallet – P.03

MyStarWallet – How to recover your wallet – P.04

MyStarWallet – How to reconnect after closing the app – P.05


MyStarWallet – How to reconnect after logging out of the app – P.06

MyStarWallet – Adding tokens from the wallet – P.07

MyStarWallet – Clearing tokens from wallet – P.08

MyStarWallet – Sending tokens to others – P.09

MyStarWallet – Checking transaction history – P.10

MyStarWallet – Change language – P.11

MyStarWallet – Other menu introduction – P.12


MyStarWallet – PASSWORD ON OFF – P.13

MyStarWallet – How to use Messenger – P.14


Now the app is downloaded is the user experience demo version.


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